Woman smashes into salon, then stays to get her hair cut

Grand Rapids, MI - (NBC) - A Grand Rapids, MI, hair salon had a hair-raising Saturday afternoon.

According to police, 82-year-old Marion Zock stepped on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake as she was attempting to park outside of the shop.

"It didn't take any length of time at all, and all I kept thinking was, 'Where's the brake?' I thought the store would stop me but it didn't," Zock said.

Two people were injured, an employee who returned to work after being treated, and a young girl who suffered a bruised arm.

Zock, who said she hasn't had a ticket in 60 years, is a regular customer at the salon and stayed to go through with her appointment.

"I sat there with my face in my hands because I was so embarrassed," Zock said.

Another vehicle crashed through the same storefront about eight years ago.

"When you're behind the wheel of a car, you pay attention and you're focused on your driving task," Kent County Sheriff's Department Lt. Kevin Kelley said.

"Quite often in cases like this, it is the result of inattentiveness," said Kelley.

Zock had cataract surgery not too long ago, but said her vision is fine and not at issue.  She will likely receive a ticket for reckless driving, a four-point citation.

Zock's family still has confidence in her driving skills and isn't encouraging her to give up her license, she said.

Classic Hair Design remained open as the car was removed.

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