Deadline approaching for Memorial Bike Rally event permits

Horry County, SC - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The deadline is looming for businesses and vendors wishing to apply for a special events permit for May's Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally, according to officials in Horry County.

County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says special events permits are required no later than 45-days prior to an event. The deadline to apply for the Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally is April 12.

A permit is now required for establishments who wish to have any type of outdoor gathering during the rally that could draw a large crowd of people. Events that also involve activities that are considered a nuisance, such as a wet T-shirt contest, are also required to be evaluated by county officials.

County officials are asking businesses and vendors to apply for permits if they answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

  1. Is your outdoor event an organized formation, parade, procession or assembly consisting of persons, and which may include animals, vehicles or any combination thereof, which is to assemble or travel in unison on any street which does not comply with normal or usual traffic regulations or controls?
  2. Is your outdoor event a musical concert, festival, fair, carnival, or rally which you may expect to have 500 or more people in attendance at any one time?
  3. Is your outdoor event a sporting event which will require the use of temporary structures, including grandstands and tents, and which may have 4,000 or more people at any one time in attendance?
  4. Is your outdoor event a public assembly involving the gathering together of persons for commercial, civic or social functions or recreation or for food or drink consumption, which may be expected to have 500 or more people at any one time in attendance? 
  5. Will your outdoor event host drinking contests or games, contests involving disrobing, or wet t-shirt contests, slaw/pudding/jello wrestling, bobbing or similar contests, or motorcycle/car washes (excluding those held by a church, school, or civic organizations), outdoor stunt shows, dynodrag or dyno unit or burn-out pit activities?

Other events required to have a special events permit from Horry County include concerts, parades, circuses, fairs, festivals, block parties and poker runs.

For more information about the required special events permit or to print out an application, click here or contact the Horry County Public Safety Department at (843) 915-5400.

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