From jobs to possible Supreme Court appointment, Obama has busy week

(NBC) - Leaving for church on Easter Sunday, the First Family took in the cherry blossoms on their way to Ward Eight, a neighborhood with 28 percent unemployment and where a mass shooting happened just last week.

"Wasn't even the President in the building," Clayton Wike, Allen Chapel AME Church Trustee said. "It was just Obama and Michelle. That was a blessing today."

As the President prayed, Senate Republicans went after him on jobs.

New data showing employers are hiring, but a high jobless rate is not budging.

"As it turns out we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to very little effect," Sen. Jon Kyl of the Senate Judiciary Committee said.

Behind the numbers administration officials say, is a growing number of hopeful people looking for work.

"As conditions get better, more people decide to look for work and are counted as in the labor force," Larry Summers the Director of the National Economic Council said. "So sometimes it's frustrating and the progress doesn't show up immediately."

Could there be an opening soon on the high court? Justice John Paul Stevens, 89, told The New York Times he has to "Fish or cut bait about retiring this term," which could mean a divisive confirmation fight for the Senate.

"I think the gridlock in the Senate might well produce a filibuster which would tie up the Senate about a Supreme Court nominee," Sen. Arlen Specter of the Senate Judiciary Committee said.

Kyl added, "I think the President will nominate a qualified person. I hope, however, he does not nominate an overly ideological person."

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