People are thinking twice about swimming at the beach

By Marla Branson - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Tree pollen not only has people sneezing and sniffling, it's covering cars and patio furnature, and even area beaches.

"I have never ever as long as I can remember seen anything like this," said Carolyn Gear, a frequent Myrtle Beach visitor.

The yellow pollen that you can see is not the same pollen that makes you sneeze. That would be microscopic pollen. This yellow tree pollen is really just a nuisance and an eye sore.

A very rainy winter means there is so much pollen that it is covering beaches and being washed up in the surf.

"At first when I looked at it I thought 'Ew. Is that like a sewer type color?'" Gear said. "But then someone said it was pollen. It's nature, but here we are looking and its not the most pleasant picture."

Myrtle Beach lifeguard Jacob Vinson noted, "This is the worst I've ever seen it. It is unusual, but it has nothing to do with safety."

Gear said she is not too thrilled about the yellow, sandy beaches this year, but it is a part of mother nature.

"I guess since I'm a Canadian I could go home with a yellow tan, but I'd much rather have a bronze one," she said, trying to keep a good humor about it.

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