Budget shortfall creates financial woes for CCU

Conway, SC - By Trey Paul - bio | email

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Budget shortfalls are causing some serious complications for Coastal Carolina University, and now the school's president says he's being forced to figure out how to operate the university without $4 million from the state.

"For me to take $4 million out is going to eventually hit the personnel side," said President David DeCenzo during an interview on WMBF News This Week.

Despite seven percent of Coastal Carolina's budget coming from the state, it still makes the school one of the lowest funded universities in South Carolina. Funds from the Penny Sales Tax and money from a capital improvement fee, which is paid through a part of student tuition, can only benefit school improvements and the construction of new buildings.

"School is already hard," said Coastal Carolina freshman Michael Miller. "Less teachers and staff [will] make it harder."

Unfortunately, university officials say the money can't go towards problems like the one they have on their hands.

"With how the economy was going, it was kind of predictable," said freshman Victoria Englerth. "With how it's looking with all the students that are [at the school], it doesn't really make sense to cut staff, but a school's got to do what it's got to do."

DeCenzo has until May to let the Coastal Carolina Board of Trustees know how he's planning on cutting the $4 million.

"It's a very painful analysis we're going through, but we really have no choice," DeCenzo said.

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