Obama: Job numbers could mean economic up-tick

Charlotte, NC - (NBC) - President Obama was in North Carolina Friday to talk about creating jobs.

The trip came as the Labor Department released the latest jobs numbers.

In March, U.S. employers added 162,000 workers, but the unemployment rate is still hovering just below ten percent.

"Today is encouraging day. Instead of losing a substantial number of jobs - we are beginning to turn the corner," Obama told a Charlotte audience.

Many democrats believe another round of stimulus spending is needed to get the economy rolling.

But republicans are skeptical; they say what Washington has been doing isn't working.

"First the administration comes out with one proposal, then they come out with another proposal; there's so much uncertainty there that businesses are not going to do what you and I and every- americans want them to do is create jobs," said Congressman Scott Garrett (R-NJ).

The latest jobs numbers were boosted by the 48,000 census workers who started work and more are on the way.

"To me, this is right down the middle of the road, it's an ok report, we're on track, we're headed in that direction, but we're not there yet," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody'sEconomy.com.

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