13-month-old killed in hit-and-run accident

West Patlaka, FL - (NBC) - A 13-month-old baby has died after being run over in a hit-and-run Wednesday night in a West Palatka, FL, mobile home park.

A Florida Highway Patrol report states Caleb Cronk was crawling across a private drive when he was hit.

"He just wanted to be out playing with the other kids," said Amy Sowell, Caleb's mother.  "He was too young. I went to the bathroom, he slipped out on me. Just like a ball rolling in the road, you know, got to watch kids. They go right after it."

The vehicle fled the scene and police are currently searching for a suspect.

FHP officials said they are looking for a red pick-up truck with oversized tires described by a witness, but have no further information.

Neighbors started a petition today asking the park's management to install speed bumps to curb speeding, which has been a constant problem, they said.

Residents also have posted the speed limit -- 10 mph -- in the neighborhood many times before, they said.

Anyone with information about the driver of the truck can call First Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS.

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