Three firefighters hurt in arson caught on tape

(NBC) - Officials in Forth Worth, TX want to find two men who intentionally set a building on fire.

The arsonists were caught on surveillance video. In it, you can see the crime from start to finish. A pickup truck pulls up to the building in the 2900 block of Alta Mere, and a suspect wearing a mask starts tossing buckets of liquid that splashes all over the place.

Eventually six buckets of fuel are spilling across the pavement and a second person sets two propane tanks against the front of the building.

Finally, one of the men tosses what appears to be a burning flare and the place goes up in flames.

Three firefighters were injured fighting the intense flames; two firefighters were trapped under burning debris for several minutes, which means more serious charges for the suspects.

But first, investigators must find them.

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