Cell phone video shows a student being shocked

Dover, NH - DOVER, NH (NBC) - Dover, NH police released cell phone video showing a student who attached electrodes to his chest in his high school class and received a near fatal shock.

Kyle DuBois was shocked in class, and his heart stopped as a result. It was all captured on a classmate's cell phone.

Although the video is just 4 seconds long, it clearly shows that this was no accident. Although Kyle's face is not visible, it shows him attaching the electrodes to his chest and taking them off. All the while, you can hear Kyle screaming and his classmates laughing.

Kyle's father viewed the video for the first time Tuesday after learning it would be released to the public. Robert DuBois said his son continues to improve.

Originally in critical condition, Kyle now shows few symptoms other than a little short-term memory loss and skittishness in crowds.

Strangely, the video doesn't show Kyle in distress after the electrical shock.

Police said doctors told them there's a short delay for the shock's effect to move from the heart to the brain.

Kyle's father said he's waiting for the school's report before talking at length.

However, he did say he believed his son "dodged a bullet," as he easily could have suffered serious brain damage or even died.

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