Speed Patrol: 16th Avenue, Conway

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The speed limit along 16th Avenue in Conway is just 25 mph. For many drivers, they were shocked to find out the limit was so low.  

While she was getting her car washed on 16th Avenue, WMBF News asked Dee Dee Dew if she was aware of the speed limit along the roadway.  

Conway, SC - "I really had no clue," Dew admitted, adding she thought the limit was 35 mph. "I was disappointed with myself that I don't pay better attention."

Dew is not the only one surprised to see a 25 mph sign on the busy road that cuts from US-501 to US-701.

"I'm surprised that its 25, because everybody seems to do 45," said Carolyn Taft, who attends a cosmetology school that sits along the road and gives her a front seat view of the traffic on 16th. "With everybody that crosses the street, you hear horns and possible accidents. Our students have crossed the street and almost been hit a few times."

For that reason, Taft thinks the limit should stay low, but not 25: "I would say a consistent 35 mph would be good."

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says the limit was dropped about two years ago when they were working on the intersection at Elm Street and 16th Avenue and it was never raised back. Dew says she thinks the limit makes sense.

"I can understand why it's 25, because of the curve and there's a lot of traffic on this highway," she said.

SCDOT says they will go back and review the decision to keep the speed at 25 mph. Dew says in the meantime, drivers should work to make sure they are keeping an eye on the black and white numbers.

Conway Police say they are happy with the limit staying where it is because of the mix of residential and commercial traffic along with a sharp curve approaching the light on Elm Street, and a public park that sits along the road.

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