Flying fish lands in restaurant

(NBC) – Fish are falling from the sky in Brevard County, FL.

An equipment worker had just gotten into his truck and was leaving a restaurant in Melbourne when a fish landed on his windshield.

The fish was still alive and the worker rushed it into Chameleon's sushi bar to show the other employees.

"They brought him into the kitchen, put him in some water, he started flopping around and they said, 'Oh wow, we're going to have fresh sushi because we're a great sushi bar here,' and I said, 'Wait a minute. That's our lucky fish. That doesn't just happen every day. We need to put him in our pond up front so everybody can enjoy him,'" Angel Pacheco said.

The fish has a dent in its head, but is now swimming around in a tank with the rest of the fish at Chameleon's.

As for how it fell out of the sky in the first place, it likely fell out of the talons or the beak of a bird flying overhead.

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