Your scrap metal is fetching cash in today's market

Keeseville, NY - (NBC) - Most people have what's considered "junk" lying around -- items like old tools or even an old lawnmower can be considered in that category.

While most people consider the items pretty worthless, you might want to re-consider. That's because you could turn some of those items into cash.

The money making potential is on display at a scrap yard in Keeseville, NY. Items such as old cars, microwaves and bicycles are all piled up there.

Many people may call those things "junk," but a woman named Carolyn Bowley doesn't.

"Actually there's a lot of value right here," Bowley said.

The general manager of Northern Car Crushers says these days, that value is going up.

"Whereas a year ago prices were very low, some prices have tripled since then," the manager said.

That includes prices of materials like steel, aluminum, and copper.

The "Car Crushers" recycle this material and they're getting more money for it these days. That's thanks in part to growth in the manufacturing industry.

Call it a simple case of supply and demand.

"The domestic mills have increased their production because of the manufacturing, the railroad projects have started to go, the bridge projects," the manager said. "They just come in and we weigh them on our scale and pay them by the weight of whatever they bring in."

Bowley says if you're considering making a trip to the scrap-yard now is the time to do it.

"The market is very strong right now but it's a fickle market and it's very unstable so we don't know even what next month will bring," he added.

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