ATM "skimmers" steal your ID when you swipe your card

Florida - (NBC) - It may not have looked different to bank customers, but an automated teller machine at a Daytona Beach bank was rigged to steal debit card information from customers.

A Bank of America employee realized criminals were at work.

The employee works contacted authorities on Sunday when the device was found attached to the ATM.

For nearly seven hours, authorities said any customer using the walk-up ATM at may have been vulnerable to what's called skimming. Police said they have surveillance images of a crook attaching the device to the ATM.

Another man put an out-of-order sign on the drive-through ATM, so customers would use the other one.

George Perry may have fallen victim to the skimmers.

"What are you going to do? The crooks will find a way to beat you, but you just do the best you can," Perry said.

Images showed the compromised ATM, with a fake front on the keyboard and card reader.

Few would recognize the machine had been tampered with. Authorities said it's complicated even for them.

"This is very high-tech. There's circuit boards in there. There's an antenna. There's a SIM card. There's a battery," Daytona Beach Police Department Sgt. Paul Barnett said.

People who used the ATM on Sunday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. should check their accounts immediately.

They're encouraged to contact the Daytona Beach Police Department at 386-671-5100.

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