NY politician uses billboards to fight saggy pants

New York - (NBC) - New York State Senator Eric Adams doesn't want to see your underpants.

The Brooklyn lawmaker is posting six giant billboards in the city, targeting the saggy pants trend. It's a move that's sure to earn cheers from parents and stylists alike.

"This whole sagging pants culture seems to have swept the city and the country," he said. "On a practical level, how do they even walk?" he asks.

The billboards will feature saggy pants models and will urge youths to "raise your pants, raise your image." The trend apparently emerged out of jails and prisons, where inmates aren't allowed to wear pants or see tailors.

Adams said he used $2,000 in campaign funds to pay for the 22-foot-tall billboards, which will be erected along busier Brooklyn streets.

The billboards will go up this week.

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