New treatment brightens teeth and solves sensitivity issues

(NBC) - Rob Schweizer is bleaching away a childhood insecurity.

Born with cystic fibrosis, he was treated with tetracycline, which dentists say can stain teeth.

Rob never fully smiled.

And he said, nothing worked to whiten them without major sensitivity issues, "I've done over the counter, I've done the strips, I've done dentists, who I've had in the past have put me though different products and done the trays."

The Kor whitening deep bleaching system changed everything.

"With this particular method, it is predictable and it decreases the sensitivity," Dr. Jodi Danna, a Dentist, said.

Doctor Jodi Danna, says the "deep bleaching" method takes three weeks.

The first week, the teeth are "conditioned" ... oxygenized to decrease sensitivity.

"Patients that are historically sensitive, any kind of product that they have tried, historically, really bothers their teeth and they get that zing afterwards, this really helps that sensitivity," Dr. Danna said.

There are two more 20 minute appointments to apply the "high test" bleach.

"If the bleach got on the gum tissue, it would be very painful later. It would actually burn it," Dr. Danna said.

Patients wear bleaching trays when they sleep.

For Rob -- deep bleaching worked and his teeth didn't hurt.

"I don't feel like my teeth are on fire at all," Schweizer said.

Rob says smiling without boundaries -- has been a life upgrade.

"For me, personally, you can't put a price on it, you really can't," Schweizer said.

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