RNC staffer out of a job after strip club visit

(NBC) – A Republican National Committee staffer is fired after footing the bill for an evening at a posh Hollywood strip club.

RNC lawyer Ken McKay said Tuesday that Allison Meyers, the staffer who approved paying for an outing of the GOP "Young Eagles", had been warned that such activities did not qualify for reimbursement using party funds.

Meyers was the director of the "Young Eagles" donor program.

The party at "Voyeur" was organized by Erik Brown, the president of a California consulting firm that handles direct mailing for political campaigns, after a fundraising event at the nearby Beverly Hills Hilton.

Sources say Brown has agreed to repay the RNC the $1,946 he was reimbursed.

The scandal comes amid harsh criticism of RNC spending under the direction of Chairman Michael Steele.

Steele has denied he visited the club and his staff has released an itinerary showing he was on a flight from Hawaii to California at the time of the outing.

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