Filing ends for local, state office

Horry County, SC - COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) – Filing for South Carolina candidates to get on the June Primary ballot ended at noon Tuesday, bringing with it a few surprises.

With 15 candidates vying for seven spots on the Horry County Council, Republicans Howard Barnard and Tom Price and Democrat Vincent Lehotsky are the hopefuls for the County Council's top spot, which will be vacated by Chairwoman Liz Gilland, who announced she would not see re-election.

Previously unannounced candidates included former Democratic state Rep. Robert Barber on the state level. The Bowen's Island restaurant owner is running to replace GOP Comptroller Richard Eckstrom as the state's top accountant.

Eckstrom also acquired a Republican opponent on Tuesday in Mike Meilinger.

Also on the Republican side, Susan Gaddy of Charleston filed to challenge U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

All U.S. and state House races and statewide offices are also up for re-election this year.

Following is a complete list of people who filed for local offices:

* indicated incumbent

Horry County Council Chair

  • Howard Barnard (R)
  • Tom Rice (R)
  • Vincent Lehotsky (D)

Horry County Council

District 1

  • Harold Worley (R)*
  • Brian Scott (D)

District 2

  • Brent Shultz (R)*

District 5

  • Paul Price (R)
  • Dick Wittington (R)
  • Bill McKown (R)
  • Robert Palmer (R)

District 7

  • Jim Edwards (R)
  • James Frazer (D)*

District 8

  • Carl Schwartzkopf (R)*
  • John Abercrombie (R)

District 11

  • Al Allen (R)*
  • U.A. Johnson (R)

Horry County School Board


  • Will Garland (R)*
  • Dr. Subhash C. Saxena (D)

District 1

  • Harvie Eisner (R)*

District 2

  • Karen McIlrath (R)
  • Mary Ellen Green (D)*

District 3

  • Joe DeFeo (R)*
  • Johnny Evans (D)

District 6

  • Pam Timms (R)*
  • Blaine Garren (R)

District 7

  • Paul Hudson (D)*

District 10

  • Neil James (R)*
  • Lucian N. Norton Jr. (D)

Probate Judge

  • Diedre Edmunds (R)*

Georgetown County Council

District 1

  • Jerry Oakley (R)*

District 6

  • Barry McCall (R)
  • Bob Anderson (R)

District 7

  • Johnny Morant (D)*

15th Judicial Circuit Solicitor

  • Greg Hembree (R)*
South Carolina

House District 58

  • Liston Barfield (R)*
  • Butch Johnson (D)

House District 68

  • Thad Viers (R)*
  • Bert Van Herrmon (R)

House District 103

  • Carl Anderson (D)*

House District 104

  • Tracey Edge (R)*
  • Charles J. Randall (D)

House District 105

  • George Hearn (R)*

House District 106

  • Nelson Hardwick (R)*
  • Mandy Wilkes (R)

House District 107

  • Alan Clemmons (R)*

House District 108

  • Vida Miller (D)*
  • Kevin Ryan (R)

South Carolina Governor

  • Gresham Barrett (R)
  • Andre Bauer (R)
  • Nikki Hailey (R)
  • Henry McMaster (R)
  • Robert Ford (D)
  • Jim Rex (D)
  • Rep. Vincent Sheheen (D)

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor

  • Ken Ard (R)
  • Bill Conner (R)
  • Eleanor Kitzman (R)
  • Krista Kogdill (R)
  • Larry Richter (R)
  • Ashley Cooper (D)

South Carolina Attorney General

  • Robert Bolchoz (R)
  • Leighton Lord (R)
  • Alan Wilson (R)
  • Matthew Richardson (D)

Superintendent of Education

  • Gary Burgess (R)
  • Elizabeth Moffly (R)
  • Brent Nelson (R)
  • Glenn Price (R)
  • Kelly Payne (R)
  • Mick Vais (R)
  • Frank Holleman (D)
  • Tom Thompson (D)

South Carolina Treasurer

  • Converse Chellis (R)
  • Curtis Loftis Jr. (R)
U.S. Congress

District 1

  • Carroll Campbell III (R)
  • Ken Glasson (R)
  • Katherine Jenerette (R)
  • Larry Kobrovsky (R)
  • Mark Lutz (R)
  • Clark Parker (R)
  • Rep. Tim Scott (R)
  • Paul Thurmond (R)
  • Stovall Witte (R)
  • Robert Burton (D)
  • Ben Frasier (D)

District 6

  • Nancy Harrelson (R)
  • Colleen Payne (R)
  • Jim Pratt (R)
  • Gregory Brown (D)
  • James E. Clyburn (D)*

The primaries are June 8. Any runoffs would be held on June 22. The general election is in November.

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