Boys & Girls Club receives thousands in donations

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Myrtle Beach children's charity that was robbed of more than $1,100 in cash and electronics last week is thanking the community for a helping hand. Donations to help them recover have far surpassed that which was stolen, according to the club's executive director.

Don Hall said the Boys & Girls Club has received several thousands of dollars in donations, and are now hoping that in addition to replacing the stolen equipment, they'll be able to do other things to benefit the club.

Boys & Girls Club Director Trina McNairpigg says the money that was stolen was raised by the children to pay for a trip to Edventure Children's Museum in Columbia, a place where some of the kids have never visited.

Hall said Tuesday that the children's trip to Edventure is still planned, and will happen  the end of the school year, but it has not yet been set.

Employees of the club discovered the burglary when they came to work on March 24. According to a police report, a personal laptop and a digital camera, as well as cash was stolen from the Boys and Girls Club.

The burglary occurred in a building leased by the club from the Horry County School System.

"The office was in shambles and they tore everything in this office up," said Trina McNairpigg, director of the Boys & Girls Club.

Investigators say whoever broke in entered through a window.

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