Beekeeping a "key" to beautiful spring yard

From sunshine and warmer temperatures to greener grass and flowers in bloom, it's no doubt that spring is here.

The change of season has many trying to get their yards and gardens in order, but this year, one man says fertilizer and frequent rainfall might not be key to beautiful landscaping. He has the key to a blooming yard -- buzzing bees.

Phillip Raines has been a beekeeper for the past 12 years and never fails to notice a change in the Earth around the buzzing bees.

"Wherever I put bees the entire area does better", said Raines. "The flowers look nicer, the trees do better, there are fruits and vegetables that grow better."

Raines says about  $15 to $20 billion worth of produce in the U.S. requires honey bee pollination each year.  The idea of growing local along with a desire for more green in the garden has some people welcoming bees into their backyard instead of keeping them out.

"They're incredible creatures" Raines said. "They sacrifice themselves for the overall benefit of the colony no matter what the situation is."

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