Critics, supporters agree Obama's reforms reshaping political landscape

Washington - (NBC) - It won't have the hoopla of last week's signing, but Tuesday is another chance for President Barack Obama to promote health care reform.

Obama has come off the win looking energized and told NBC the priority now is a starting point.

"It is a critical first step in making a health care system that works for all Americans," Obama said. "It's not going to be the only thing. We're still going to have adjustments that have to be made to further reduce cost."

In one weekend he sealed an arms treaty with Russia, stormed Afghanistan to rally troops and lecture its president on corruption. Experts say the President has earned new sway overseas.

France's Nicholas Sarkozy is at the White House Tuesday.

"And because of the healthcare victory last week, you can assume that foreign leaders around the world are saying, 'This is a bigger leader than perhaps we expected, and he may be here a for a long time,'" said NBC's News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss.

For Congressional Republicans, that means a long fight. Some are vowing to block the Obama agenda wherever possible.

The president's answer to that was to appoint 15 stalled nominees as soon as Congress left on break, bypassing normal confirmation, something other presidents have done, only to get criticized by Obama.

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