Freestyle Music Park opening depends on investors

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Trey Paul - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – After a lot of speculation, one of the attorneys representing Freestyle Music Park is the first to officially confirm that park owners have no plans of reopening the park this summer.

"If they do find an investor, they could possibly reopen this year," David Slough said, noting park owners are in negotiations with potential investors, but wouldn't say how close they are to a deal. "They certainly need investors to come in and help."

Hard Rock Park originally cost owners $400 million, but the current owners, FPI Myrtle Beach Entertainment LLC, were able to buy it for $25 million.

"I don't believe they thought they would be in this situation," Slough commented. "They would certainly like to reopen. That's their goal, and they're working toward that goal."

Park supporter Scott DeHollander added, "If they get the investors in here to do it, I think it would be great to keep that thing going," said Scott DeHollander, who like many, want to see the park reopen.

If you bought 2010 park passes, Slough says he's not sure what the owners plan to do about reimbursements.

"It's just a tough operating environment for any park," Slough said.

Freestyle owners have until Thursday to pay off an almost $500,000 debt they inherited when they bought the park. Slough says he's not sure what will happen if they don't pay it off.

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