Drunk driver arrested after taking lawnmower for spin on city street

Lancaster, NY - (NBC) - A New York man is facing felony charges after taking his lawn mower for a spin while drunk.

Joseph M. Simme faces felony driving while intoxicated charges after he was arrested Thursday night. Police responded after neighbors in the Lancaster, New York's Sheldon Avenue area complained that Simme was disrupting traffic.

A witness told police Simme was driving the lawn mower in the road and had crossed Walden Avenue, where he was almost hit by passing vehicles.

Simme, a Sawyer Road resident, was placed under arrest after he consented to a breath test. His blood alcohol level was .14 percent. Simme had a revoked driver's license from previous DWI convictions.

He was also charged with numerous vehicle and traffic violations.

Despite repeated attempts all day Friday, Lancaster Police refused an on-camera interview to discuss the incident and did not release the suspect's mug shot.

No reason was given for the refusal. Simme is scheduled to appear in Lancaster Village Court on April 6.

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