Does It Work: Cyber Clean

(KPLC) – It's a high-tech, new age cleaning compound designed for cleaning the dust and dirt from your electronics, but does it work?

Its texture is like a mixture between slime and silly putty. The instructions are simple: a press and a pull and you should have a clean keyboard. That's if it works.

So the container we've purchased has 4.94 oz. or 140 grams of the yellow blob of Cyber Clean, which is designed to conform to the shape of whatever you decide to clean while at the same time grabbing onto and locking in dust and dirt. Keep in mind, this works with pressure and not a rubbing motion, so it looks for loose dirt in hard to reach places.

Drew Dover suggested we test this product, so he volunteered into being our tester.

"We've got some real dusty keyboards around the office and maybe the backside of the computers - there's a lot of dust where the fan is," Dover explained. "It'll be interesting to see if it picks up the dirt like it says it's going to."

Drew reviews the do's and don't of the Cyber Clean. Basically, it comes down to a simple press and a pull action to rid area of dust and dirt. After rubbing around the compound in his hand for 10 seconds as instructed, Drew pushed the Cyber Clean onto the keyboard for a first pass. What did we find on the yellow mass? Dust, hair, and some grime.

A few more presses and pulls of the Cyber Clean, and each pass nabbed a little more dirt.

"The stuff deep down in there, it doesn't seem to go quite as far enough to get that stuff," Dover said. "But on the top, the keys, and a little bit down in there, it's getting that OK."

He tried it on a few more keyboards with similar results, then moved on to the dusty backs of some computers. The Cyber Clean ripped the dust off the fan vents without any trouble. And the best part, it's all trapped inside the mushy material. As a matter of fact, the Cyber Clean changed to a darker color, which indicates when it's used up and time to be disposed.

"For keeping things clean and keeping the dust out, I think it will do a pretty good job," Dover commented. "I think I would purchase it and use it on the keyboard at home."

The product is not for screens or monitors.

Our results find that Cyber Clean grabs on to a "Yes" for this week's "Does it Work?" test. We ordered our small container of Cyber Clean online for $7.99 plus shipping for a total cost of about $13.

Web Extra: First off, a few of the computers in the newsroom likely haven't been cleaned in months, so they were extraordinarily dirty. With that being said, the Cyber Clean seemed to grab onto all the loose dust and superficial dirt, hanging on to its claim. But some of the caked on stuff between the keys remained, which would call for some harsher cleaning anyway.

The Cyber Clean worked beautifully on the dust on the fan vents on the computer backs. The material conforms to the shape of any object we tested it on, and then the dust licked right into the yellow mass.

A fold and a few rolls in the hand, and the particles were locked in, and the Cyber Clean was ready to use again.

On the side of our package is a color indicator which tells you exactly when the compound is spent and ready to be thrown away. And when you toss it, it's biodegradable as well as non-toxic.

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