GA House approves ban on texting while driving

Atlanta, GA - ATLANTA (AP) - The Georgia House has approved a ban on texting while driving.

The bill from state Rep. Allen Peake, a Macon Republican, passed 134-31 Friday night.

The measure would ban all cell phone use while driving for those under age 18. Texting would be outlawed for those 18 and over. Peake said the bill was needed to improve safety on the roads.

"If you've got one hand texting, that means you've only got one hand on the wheel. Sometimes no hand on the wheel and you're trying to control your vehicle. It's a recipe for disaster," Savannah Police Officer Chris Tucker said.

It now moves to the Senate.

Colorado, Louisiana, New York, Virginia and Washington are among the other states that ban text messages for all drivers. Nine states ban text messaging for teen drivers.

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