Janet Jackson talks about her new movie, "Why Did I Get Married Too?"

(NBC) - In "Why Did I Get Married, Too?" Janet Jackson plays a mother struggling with the death of her son -- a role that really hit home when she lost her brother Michael during filming.

"It was very very very difficult, very cathartic .. therapeutic," said the singer dancer. "I don't think you ever overcome it. I think with time it gets a little easier, yeah but it never ever goes away."

"Married"'s writer-director and co-star, Tyler Perry, briefly stopped production on the movie to give Janet time to grieve.

"I wasn't concerned about her not doing it because I know her work ethic and her commitment," Perry said. "And I was just happy that she was emotionally able to just carry through and just be who she is."

Reportedly, Janet channeled some of her anger from Michael's death into this dramatic scene where she smashes furniture with a golf club!

"I just went all out I guess too much I suppose," said Jackson. "I hit Tyler and I didn't even know it until just a few days ago."

She also hit herself in the ankle and didn't stop.

"I just kept swinging so I was just like okay make sure the cameras getting it. I hurt myself pretty bad, I mean I didn't break anything but I thought I did for a second."

In addition to the movie, Jackson's got a new song on the soundtrack and a book coming out.

"It's about uh my struggles, my struggles with weight, weight loss, weight gain," said Jackson. "I wanted to start from the beginning which is my childhood and it's not an autobiography but it touches upon little anecdotes of how I got to that point what may of triggered this or that here or there."

The 43-year-old's made headlines numerous times for her fluctuating weight through the years.

"I think they focus on me, at least it feels like that to me, moreso than other people why that is I don't know but I get tired of it sometimes."

The film opens this Friday.

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