Darlington Co. issues scam alert

Darlington County, SC - DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Darlington County Investigators are asking citizens to be vigilant to "land surveying" scammers.

Deputies were called to a home on Indian Branch Road in Darlington Wednesday where officers say two men posing as land surveyors stole money from the residents.

According to investigators, the first man walked up to the front door and told the homeowner that he was there to survey the property. He then asked the homeowner to show him where their property lines or stakes or located. While the owner was occupied, the other suspect entered the home to steal items or money.

Once the second suspect left the home, the fake surveyor received a phone call stating that he was at the wrong house and drove away. When the homeowner walked back into the house, he found that he had been a victim of the scam.

"Do not allow this to happen to you," said Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd. "If you think you are a target of this scam, call your local law enforcement agency and ask them to check it out."

Anyone with more information about the case or one like it is urged to call the Darlington County Sheriff's Office at 843-398-4501.

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