Interracial couple victims of hate crime, police say

Lowell, NC - By Brigida Mack - bio l email

LOWELL, NC (WBTV) – Police are looking for the person responsible for leaving a racial slur on the side of a man's home in Lowell.

"It don't matter what color you are white, black, Asian - nobody should go through this," said Allen McGee, who owns the home.

McGree is white and his fiancée, Cyd, is a black woman. Someone spray painted the words "We will burn you out," and they also left a hangman's noose at his house.

McGee first noticed the racially-motivated vandalism when he took his son to school Thursday morning. Cyd, who does not live with McGee, called the Lowell Police Department.

As of Thursday night, police said they have no leads in the case, and that this is the second time in a month in which an incident like this has happened at McGee's home. Both cases are under investigation as hate crimes.

During the first incident, someone left a brick with a noose around it on McGee's front porch. The message in the note said, "If your daddy knew what you were doing right now, he'd flip over in his grave or something."

"This is the 2000s you know," McGee said. "It's unreal."

Neighbors say their community is a quiet one that's never had any trouble.

"I don't understand it," said James Stickle, who lives behind McGee. "It certainly isn't - I don't know if you're allowed to say this on TV - but it certainly isn't in my Bible. That's not the way my God would want me to be."

As the neighborhood struggles to understand the hate which led to this crime, McGee made it clear he won't be intimidated by what he called an act of cowardice.

"I want a piece of this person," he said. "I want this person. Somebody comes and draws on your house, wouldn't you want that person? Cops ain't gonna do nothing."

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