'Hot Tub Time Machine' is a raunchy, retro comedy

(NBC) - The title doesn't lie: The agreeably raunchy, retro comedy Hot Tub Time Machine is about a quartet of guys on a buddy trip to a ski village who step into an unusual outdoor hot tub and get blasted back to 1986, when hair was big, colors were bright, music was bad, and our heroes were young dudes who just wanted to have fun.

Well, three out of four of our disgruntled heroes remember the 80s. One wasn't even born. Actual 80s star John Cusack, Craig Robinson from The Office, and Daily Show alumnus Rob Corddry play the unhappy 40-somethings, friends since their teens, who use their trip back in time to make sense of the less than fulfilled grown up men they've become. Very funny, very deadpan comic Clark Duke plays a dweeby, computer-obsessed teenaged nephew along for the ride.

The kid gets to meet his mother before his mother was his mother, if you know what I mean. Which could be heavy. But Hot Tub Time Machine is a goofball lark - this season's edition of a Spring Break romp. The whole movie is messy, rude, obsessed with sex and drugs, and often really smart and funny about the intersection of 80s pop culture and our 21st century ways of living. Plus, one-of-a-kind actor Crispin Glover has a hilarious recurring bit as a hotel porter who is in constant danger of losing an arm, a notion that's much funnier than it sounds.

I wish the screenwriters were modern-minded enough to skip the crummy gay jokes. But then, I wish for a lot of things. Like, I wish I never thought I ever looked cool wearing legwarmers and a forehead sweatband like Jane Fonda in her 80s workout tapes. Thanks, Hot Tub Time Machine, for reminding me.

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