Website helps you find and rate churches in your area

San Francisco, CA - (NBC) - Saint Aidan's Church in San Francisco is not your traditional Episcopalian church.

"We don't have pews, we have chairs. The music is a little bit different," said Rev. Lynn Sharpist.

"Very open and inclusive and accepting of who you are," explained parishioner Nancy Sabin.

"We have a food pantry here that serves the community. The church offers daycare," said parishioner Lee Hammack.

These are all things you'd see for yourself if you felt comfortable enough to walk in to check it out, but would you, if you didn't know anyone ... or if you didn't live in the neighborhood?

Enter Churchrater.Com. It's a site created by four men - a former evangelical pastor, a divinity student, a lifelong atheist, and a Jewish attorney aiming to help people find a spiritual connection without help from a higher power.

"It's still word of mouth. It's just I think it's disseminated at the speed of the Internet and it's available to everybody no matter who you are or what your connections are," said Julian Zegelman from

Most of the worshippers at St. Aidan's found the church the old fashioned way, through friends and family. Still, some have posted reviews on

"There are many ways to come to a church and why not online? Whatever works," said Hammack

"I think when you're getting a bunch of opinions you're getting a fuller picture. I think it's a great idea," said Sabin.

One of the pastors at St. Aidan's says she has no problem with soul searchers using a cyberlink to create a spiritual one.

"I think the live experience is a better experience, but I think the spirit is in everything. So I think the spirit can be in the Internet as well," said Rev. Sharpist.

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