Nanny hailed a "hero" after rescuing boy from fire

Louisville, KY - (NBC) - A nanny in Shelby County, KY, is being hailed a hero. Alyson Myatt, 22, is at University Hospital, recovering from severe burns after she saved a 5-year-old's life.

Around 6:20 a.m. Tuesday, Myatt was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom at a home on Golden Road where she is a live-in nanny for 5-year-old Aiden Hawes, whose father was out of town.

"I just heard a big boom. I thought it was Aiden," Myatt said.

After hearing the boom, Myatt immediately sprinted upstairs - barefoot. When she got to the hallway, she was met by flames on the carpet.

"I was calling him. He said, 'Aly, I'm in here. I'm in my room underneath my covers.' I was like OK and I ran there, grabbed him and ran out," said Myatt.

Myatt said her focus was rescuing Aiden. At the time, she didn't even think about getting burned.

"After I ran off the carpet, my feet were just ... it was like I was walking on goo 'cause all the skin. My feet were just burned off," Myatt described.

Myatt then ran out of the house with Aiden, and drove to a neighbor's house to call 911. Although Myatt suffered burns to her hands, legs and feet, she said Aiden was not injured.

"I'm just happy Aiden is OK," said Myatt. "I care for that kid a lot."

"The boy, probably, without her wouldn't have been able to survive until we arrived," said Chief Willard Tucker of the Shelbyville Fire Department.

Tucker believes Myatt ran through 400 degree flames to reach and rescue Aiden, something he believes a lot of people would not have done.

According to Tucker, the fire started in the attic near the fan in the bathroom. Tucker said three hours before the fire, Myatt noticed there was something wrong with the fan. She contacted Aiden's father about the problem, but they both thought it was not serious.

Tucker advises if you are worried about an appliance or anything else in your home, contact the fire department.

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