Gay teen wins right to bring boyfriend as his prom date

Cochran, GA - (NBC) – A Georgia high school student said he was kicked out of his house and lost a lot of friends when he first told people he was gay two years ago.

But Derrick Martin has now claimed a major victory.  The Cochran school district said he could go to prom with his boyfriend; something Martin began working on back in January.

Martin needed permission to bring his boyfriend Richard because he is from out of the county.  This past week the superintendent said there was no legal precedent to stop Martin from bringing another male.

It's a change from what happened recently in Mississippi, where a school canceled its prom rather than letting two girls attend together.

"I said are there any rules that say I can take a boy, can't take a boy? She said it never happened before so that she didn't think that Cochran was ready for it. And I just told her, I was like I'm not going to be confrontational, I'm not being rude but I'm not going to drop this just because you're saying no this first time," Martin told a reporter.

The superintendent says in her statement this was a legal decision as opposed to an endorsement of a lifestyle.

"I wanted to show that you can do it, not everyone is going to say no, so it wasn't to be in spite of her, it wasn't' to be in spite of the school or turn their nose in it, it was just to get the word out that it is possible," said the superintendent.

Martin said he didn't do this as a reaction to the Mississippi case but he does consider it a symbolic victory.

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