Police: Video shows 3-year-old smoking pot

Middletown, CT - (NBC) - Connecticut parents are facing charges after a video shows their 3-year-old child smoking pot, according to police.

Officers found the video while executing a search warrant at the Prospect St. home of Kristian Augeri, 23, and Thomas Way, 22, the Middletown Press reported. The arrests were made February 2.

The video allegedly shows the couple's child trying to light a glass pipe with a lighter, according to the paper. Way was lying next to the child, and Augeri appears to be the one filming the incident. At one point the child appeared to inhale and then start to cough, police said.

A man who identified himself as Way's step-father told NBC Connecticut Wednesday that the arrests were a misunderstanding, and that the child never smoked pot.

"We have a tough situation as it is," said the step-father. "We have my son in jail, his wife in jail, and there's nothing you can do about it."

A woman who identified herself as the child's aunt denied the allegations as well.

"There were just things around that shouldn't have been around. He wasn't smoking anything," she said.

Way and Augeri face several charges, including risk of injury to a minor and use of drug paraphernalia. They are scheduled to be in court on April 15.

Family members say the child is currently in the custody of an aunt.

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