Health care "fixes" bill headed back to the House

Washington - (NBC) - Opponents of health care reform are turning their anger into action by targeting Democrats like Bart Stupak.

For his yes vote, Stupak got President Obama to reinforce the federal ban on abortion funding. Now he gets death threats, and profanity laced voicemails.

There has been widespread vandalism too. Offices of two female Democrats had windows shattered by bricks and by a pellet gun.

The FBI and Capitol police met with lawmakers. Top Democrats acknowledged some are getting extra protection.

"I don't have a number for you, but a significant number, meaning over 10," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Virginia Republican Eric Cantor called the threats reprehensible, but Democrats say GOP critics of reform lead weekend rallies, which are fueling rage. Sarah Palin for one, Twittered, "Don't retreat. Reload."

"They have condoned putting Hitler mustaches on pictures of President Obama," said New York Representative Anthony Weiner.

"Just stand up and say this is wrong and we do not want you to do it, and we repudiate it," urged Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank.

President Obama heads to Iowa, looking to win over skeptics of reform as Senate backers wrap up debate over fixes to the new law.

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