81-year-old woman loses $85,000 in cash

(NBC) – An 81-year-old Indianapolis woman lost her life savings somewhere between the bank and home. Police can't investigate because they say a crime hasn't been committed - yet.

Nancy Potter is at a loss about her mother misplacing all the money she had.

"It's very devastating," said Potter.

Barbara Bennett, 81, came home empty-handed on March 16 after withdrawing the entirety of her life savings.

"She decided to withdraw all the contents that was in the safe deposit box and what was in the safe deposit box was $85,000 cash," said Potter.

Bennett went to the National City Bank branch at 7007 Graham Rd. on March 16. She put the cash inside a manila envelope and left the bank. When she arrived home, the money was nowhere to be found.

"She unlocked the car door to get in her car, drove off not knowing it was on top of the car; it fell off the car and somebody picked it up," said Potter.

Potter's parents, Barbara and Warren Bennett, met and married before graduating college more than 60 years ago.

"My mother went to DePaul. My dad went to Purdue," said Potter.

Nancy's father lives in the Carmel Health and Living Community. His medical and care costs had already mounted beyond their regular budget.

"She had that money to take care of my dad especially since his Medicare benefits had run out currently," said Potter.

Potter says her mother took the money out because another payment became due for her husband's care at the nursing home. Her mother went to the bank without telling anyone else in the family.

Potter says losing their life savings has taken a toll on her mother's already failing health.

"All week long - my mom is not able to sleep," said Potter, who hopes whoever found her parents envelope of cash also finds it in their heart to return it.

After 60 years of marriage, the couple's life savings disappeared in a matter of minutes.

A spokesperson for Metro police told they are not investigating the lost money because there's no crime in finding lost money.

Nancy Potter's family says they will offer a reward for whoever helps them locate the lost money. The money can be turned in at any police station or National City Bank.

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