Residents offer opinions, suggestions on MB zoning re-write

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Residents in Myrtle Beach had the chance to gather Tuesday night to take a sneak peek at what their seaside community could develop into in coming years.

The Myrtle Beach Planning Commission began a 30-day time period where they'll gather public input on re-writing the city's zoning laws. Following suggestions from residents, leaders will revisit the current zoning laws and make necessary changes before presenting their finalized plans to the Myrtle Beach City Council in July.

"The public input is critical to this process. We want to create an ordinance that works for the city and that's our goal - to get public input to make this ordinance as useful and productive as possible," said Jack Walker, Myrtle Beach Planning Department director.

City planners say they've spent almost two years reviewing Myrtle Beach's current zoning laws and attempting to make new ones based on a comprehensive plan adopted by the city.

The current draft calls for three commercial districts within city limits, an industrial district, a highway commercial district and a mixed-use district.

The plan also calls for an increase in heights to 240-foot max and would encourage more restaurants and shops along the boulevard. It would create more of a live and work type environment.

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