Officer speaks for first time since accident

Cleveland, OH - CLEVELAND, OH (NBC) - A police officer hurt in a harrowing crash caught on dashcam video in Ohio is speaking publicly for the first time since the accident.

Lt. John Lambert literally pushed a teenage motorist out of harm's way as an out-of-control car slammed into them. Lambert had stopped to help the teenager alongside an icy highway ramp outside Cleveland.

Within a second and a half, Lambert had saved a life, but his own was in serious jeopardy.

"After viewing the dashcam video I realize I am lucky to be alive," said the 22-year veteran of the force. "I do not remember much from the accident itself. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance."

Lambert suffered various broken bones, including a fractured eye socket. The teenaged motorist walked away with only minor cuts.

"I was positive I was dead. You see a car flying at you at 40 mph you think you're done," said Mariusz Treciak.

Doctors say Lambert will need 12 to 18 months of physical rehabilitation. He hopes to return to the force as soon as possible.

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