Officials: 11 applications submitted for Bike Rally permits

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's the event that has brought a stampede of bikers into the Grand Strand each year, but with the 2010 May Bike Rally just a few weeks away, some wondering if the number of submitted special event permits is a sign of a slow rally to come.

Horry County leaders say the annual festival, scheduled for May 10-16, has yielded 11 special events applications from companies wishing to hold gatherings across the Grand Strand. Local leaders enacted the requirement for special events permits in order to regulate outdoor activities throughout the entire year.

Todd Price, owner of popular biker-bar SBB, says he submitted his necessary paperwork on Saturday. While he calls the deed cumbersome, it's the only way he can draw a large crowd to his business in May and not have to shut down shop in the process.

"We should be filled up," said Price.

Last year, however, SBB's permit was one of 17 accepted by Horry County officials. County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says it's anyone's guess as to why this year's application numbers are so low.

"A lot of it is the economy and other actions that the county and other municipalities have taken, as well," Bourcier commented.

Permits will then be issued to accepted vendors in April, and those issued after May 5 will face original permitting fees along with half the cost for the May rally.

The cost per permit is $250. Complete details can be found by clicking here.

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