Tiger Woods takes media questions for first time since crisis

Florida - (NBC) - Tiger Woods says he is sorry and working to be a better person.

The golfer made those comments during two brief interviews Sunday, as he prepares to return to competition at the masters.

In a couple of weeks, Woods will make the trip down Magnolia Lane and back into professional golf. As he prepares for that return at the Masters, Woods has also apparently decided to ease back into the spotlight.

Woods stood in front of the cameras Sunday answering questions for the first time since his car wreck and admission that he has been unfaithful in his marriage.

"I've made my mistakes. As I've said, I've hurt so many people," said Woods.

Woods talked for about five minutes each with a reporter from ESPN and the Golf Channel, apologizing several times and taking full responsibility for his actions.

"I quit being a Buddhist, and my life changed upside down. I felt entitled, which I had never felt before. Consequently, I hurt so many people by my own reckless attitude and behavior," said Woods.

He talked about his on-going therapy, but was very guarded.

"That's private," said Woods.

Woods stopped short of providing any new details or information about the controversy swirling around him.

"That will remain private," Woods said.

It will become much more public when he returns to the course and fans get their chance to respond.

"I don't know, I don't know. I am a little nervous about that to be honest with you," said Woods.

"How much do you care?"

"It would be nice to hear a couple of claps here and there, um, but I also hope they will clap for birdies too."

The confidence in his game apparently is the one thing that hasn't been shaken in the last few months.

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