Maryland mom gives birth inside husband's cab

(NBC) – When a Baltimore cab driver started driving to the hospital over the weekend, he had one person in the back seat. When he got to the hospital, he had two.

De'asia Renee Patricia Smith was delivered by paramedics at about 7:30 a.m. Saturday in the back of her father's taxicab.

Tanieka Vaughan said when her water broke at about 6 a.m., she told the father, William Smith, to get her to the hospital.

But when Smith looked into the back seat and saw the baby's head crowning, he pulled into the Engine No. 33 station at the corner of Kirk Avenue and East 25th Street.

"I thought it was a movie," Smith said. And according to Vaughan, the paramedics at first thought Smith was joking around.

"So when the man came out, he saw the baby was in my drawers," she said. "The baby's head was out, with the arm hanging out."

A paramedic from Truck No. 5 delivered the baby in the back of the taxicab, keeping the baby warm and providing other medical assistance.

Both mother and the baby were transported in good condition to University of Maryland Medical Center.

"Everything worked out for the best, though. As long as she's healthy and the baby's healthy, everything is all right," Smith said.

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