New apps geared toward women

Columbus, GA - COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - There are all kinds of iPhone and Blackberry apps out there, but a new wave of apps is targeting women, trying to make life a bit simpler.

"You're seeing a huge explosion of applications because iPhone is the first smart phone that really appealed to mainstream women, not just techy women," said CNET's Molly Wood. "I think people realized there was a huge market there and they better get some apps out the door."

You may associate "apps" with the iPhone, but other smartphones come with certain apps and there are third party providers, as well. Lately, there's been a huge push of unique applications geared towards women.

There's Livestrong's calorie counter that lets you enter what you've eaten that day, along with how much exercise you've had and goals for how much you want to eat or exercise later.

If you need to hit the grocery store but always forget what to buy, the 'Grocery Gadget' app has you covered. And, there's also an app for those who enjoying shopping in places beyond the grocery store.

"There's a great app for Gilt, which is an invitation-only website that has designer sales," Wood said. "So, say you've been eyeballing Michael Kors or waiting for an espresso machine to go on sale, you can actually get a notification right up on your phone."

If you're a new mom, the Emmbook app helps capture memories of the baby, and keeps track of growth measurements, feedings, diaper changes and immunizations. If you have older children, there's the simple shape writer to help you out. It's a high-tech doodle pad designed to keep children occupied.

Some of these apps are free, others cost a couple bucks to download. But it may be a small price to pay if it makes everyday life a bit easier.

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