Dogs compete in Murrells Inlet for a nationally sanctioned event

By Marla Branson - bio | email

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - Dogs from all over the country kenneled up for the Canine Performance Events (CPE) National Trials in hopes to come out as top dog.

"We are the only sanctioned place to have those events in South Carolina at this time and we have seven people from our club going to nationals this year," said Trainer Dayle Grimsley.

The competitions are open to pure breads and mixed breeds as well as handlers of any age. There are different competitions for dogs with different abilities and ability levels. The two day competition like the one today in Murrells Inlet is an opportunity to for members of the Way To Play Agility Club to secure their spot in the national competition as well as mingle with other handlers from around the country.

Grimsley said she did her first competition after training her dog only 8 months. She admits that they didn't do so well, but they had a great time. Members of a way to play dog agility club say it's just that, a way to play and have fun with your dog.

"You know you want to do well and get those ribbons, but you got to have fun too, or your dog won't want to work," says Grimsley. "It [agility training] brings you closer to your dog, you are a team."

Many of the handlers said this team-like sport was not only good for the dogs but for the handlers too. Especially children, since it can teach them compassion for animals, discipline, and responsibility said one of the event organizers.

A Way To Play Dog Agility Club is part of A Dog's Way Inn Kennels in Murrells Inlet. For more information you can go to

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