New marine complex in Georgetown opens

Georgetown, SC - GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) – Boaters and fisherman now have a place to castoff in Georgetown. The Carroll Ashmore Campbell Marine Complex made its debut Saturday.

The complex offers more than 200 parking spots and six boat access points to the river.

Electric contractor and fisherman Wayne Inman says he couldn't wait for the new landing to open.

"You have five rivers in the area, plus the bay, which empties into the ocean," he said. "So the fishing is unlimited."

Georgetown County Administrator Sel Hemingway says he's been looking forward to this day for a while.

"This this has been in the works way longer than any of us would have hoped," Hemingway said. "But the important thing is that it's complete."

Georgetown hopes to attract big fishing tournaments to the area. They already have a red fish tournament scheduled for September.

"There is more than just fishing," Inman explained. "This will attract, that they can spend a weekend here and tour the historic attractions as well as fishing. I think it will attract a lot of visitors to Georgetown that wouldn't have come otherwise."

The Marine Complex will open to the public on Monday.

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