Health care battle rages on

(NBC) – The big health care reform vote is still at least 2 days away and the battle is getting heated.

President Obama held what looked like a victory rally in Virginia.

"Toughest insurance reforms in history; one of biggest deficit reduction plans in history opportunity give millions of people," said Obama.

An Ohio democrat, who was a "No" vote, Friday flipped to the Obama side.

"Thousand people in my congressional district who don't have health care insurance," said democratic Congressman John Boccieri of Ohio.

Some republican governors might sue to try to stop health care reform.

"It's been referred to herein Utah as federal crack. You get addicted to it and it's hard to get off," said Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

Repealing the Obama plan looks tough, even if republicans win house and senate majorities

"The president will veto any attempt at repeal and then it's going to be near impossible to overcome that two-third vote that's required to over ride a presidential veto," said Texas republican, Dr. Michael Burgess.

Obama says it's a messy process, but he thinks he's about to win.

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