Deadline approaches for Little River casino boat jobs

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - Time is ticking for those looking for work on a new casino cruise boat expected to set sail out of Little River in 2010.

Friday is the last day the former owners of Sun Cruz Casinos will be accepting applications for nearly 200 vacant positions on the new casino boat. Applicants have until noon to submit the necessary paperwork at the Myrtle Beach, Georgetown and Coastal Workforce Centers.

Two job fairs were held March 11 and March 16 that drew more than 700 potential employees to Little River to try their luck at landing a new job.

"We're just delighted to be able to make this economic investment back into the community," said Robert Weisberg, a part-owner of the new casino boat endeavor. "This boat is a world class boat and it's going to blow the minds of people when they see it. It's going to be a real value-added attraction to the Myrtle Beach waterfront."

Weisberg says so far, he and his partner have invested more than $1 million into the new ship and surrounding docks.

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