Health care bill predictions

(NBC) - President Obama is holding a final rally on health care as house democrats move toward what could be a Sunday vote.

Democratic leaders appear to have momentum on their side and a new report shows the bill will cut the deficit. Republicans are holding their ground and fighting to kill the bill.

After a year-long debate, the final showdown on health care reform could come as early as Sunday.

"We're talking to all the members, we believe we're gonna get to 216," said house majority leader Steny Hoyer.

That's the number democrats need to pass the bill, and they've still got plenty of arms to twist and hands to hold before the vote.

The non-partisan congressional budget office gave the president and his party a compelling pitch. They say the bill pays for itself.

"That makes this legislation the most significant effort to reduce deficits since the balanced budget act in the 1990s," said President Obama.

"Only in Washington, D.C. can people announce they're spending a trillion dollars and they're going to reduce the deficit," Representative Mike Pence said.

Not one republican is expected to break ranks, and in this election year, the GOP is promising to make life tough for democrats who change their minds on this bill.

The president has delayed his already delayed trip to Indonesia and Australia to make sure the bill passes and celebrate a huge political victory.

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