Time to spring clean your computer? What do you do?

(NBC) - It's time for spring cleaning, not just for our home and yard.

We also need to clean our computers and electronic gear both inside and out.

To clean a keyboard spread this green goo called 'Cyber Clean' over the keys.

Press it down and lift it up and it removes all the gunk. Works with all our tech gizmos; cameras, cellphones, anything that collects dirt. Under ten bucks.

Your computer itself needs cleaning. The fan and heat sinks all accumulate dust. Some you can remove with your fingers. A can of compressed air also helps. You wouldn't believe what a mess can build up over several months.

Now it's time to clean the real innards of your cooperating system. Get rid of all the junkware and malware that attaches to windows machines over time from unscrupulous websites and spammers.

There are lots of removal products out there but the one i like best is 'Malwarebytes'. They have a free download that is somewhat effective but the $24 product is the best I've seen at cleaning out the junkware.

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