Couple weds at Florida RV park

Fort Meyers, FL - (NBC) - A Fort Myers couple spent St. Patrick's Day saying "I do." But that's not what got our attention. Instead, it was the people who helped make the wedding happen.

Wednesday was Jill Connelly's big day. But for the bride and her groom, who's been out of work for two years, a wedding wasn't really in the budget.

"Times are tough. We just couldn't afford a nice wedding," said the groom, Pinder Hudson.

At a North Fort Myers RV park, where Jill has worked part-time since July, word of the couple's upcoming courthouse nuptials started spreading.

And that's all it took.

"I just thought every girl should have a wedding," said park manager Barbara Oliveira.

She asked for help and residents of the park answered.

From the room to the decor, the cake to the punch - even the bride's St. Patty's Day-appropriate gown, the couple's wedding day was a gift from park residents like Sandy Bumgarner.

"When she put on that dress and you saw her face, it was the greatest gift you could give anyone, and she gave it back to me 10-fold," Bumgarner said.

So the couple that first met in high school became man and wife in front of the people who made it all happen.

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