Deluge Danger

(NBC) – Spring is almost here, and with it comes water.  Warmer temperatures are melting the heavy snow pack of winter and bringing in spring flooding.

The National Weather Service says much of the Midwest is at high risk for floods, so the battle to hold back the rising Red River is on.

Volunteers are sandbagging some of the most vulnerable areas, and some leaks have already been reported.

The National Guard is also hard at work, pushing the earth into makeshift barricades and installing a portable "aqua fence" along the river's edge.

The Red River crested at more than 40-feet above flood level in some areas last year.

The Red River broke record water levels last year, cresting at more than 40-feet above flood level in some areas.

It's currently above flood stage near Fargo and expected to crest at more than 20 feet later this weekend.

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