Kids call 911 after mom gives birth

(NBC) - Because she realized at the very last second she was about to give birth to her fourth child, new mom Alana Sanders said she didn't have time to panic.

Sanders was standing in the bathroom of her Fremont home at the time and the only people home to help her in this time of need were her three children ages 11, 9 and two.

Little Joseph came out after just one push and landed on the bathroom floor.

Sanders said his first cry was a thing of beauty.

She quickly shouted out orders to her other children to makes two calls. First to 911 and second to their father.

While they waited for help, the children helped mom and the newborn back in bed.

A 911 dispatcher from the Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications Center talked 11-year-old Faith through what to do with the umbilical cord. On Wednesday she showed off the ball of yarn she used clamp it.

Sanders said the whole thing is still a little unreal to her when she thinks about it. She says she's just happy that everyone in her family is healthy.

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