Elderly woman knocked to the ground in brutal beer robbery

(NBC) - They went on a beer run and ran out of the store without paying, but not before knocking a 74-year-old woman to ground, sending her to the hospital.

"I was walking out with my groceries, going out to my car," said Phyllis Friske.

The woman can been seen in surveillance video pushing a shopping cart outside an Everett Safeway.

"I saw a car along the curb with the doors open, but you know I never thought a thing about it," said Friske.

On the video, three male shoplifters can be seen with beer in hand running out of the store. Two run past her and jump into the car, the third collides with her, lands on top of her, slamming her head into the ground.

"What shocked me is the way I'm flat out on my back," said Friske.

"She fell down to the ground, the car took off and hit her in the head," said Everett Police Sgt. Robert Goetz.

"I had a concussion. I had to have staples on the back on my head," said Friske.

She also has deep bruises on the back of her leg that keep her from sitting for long periods. She spent a night in the hospital and missed three days of work, all because three guys wanted to steal some beer.

"[They] had no concern about her safety after she had been knocked down. All their concern was to get away with beer," says Goetz.

Friske wonders what the three suspects were thinking.

"They don't realize what they're doing to their future. They just think it's a lark. 'Let's get some beer for a party!' But it's going to affect their lives," she said. "I just wish they would take responsibility and suck it up."

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